Local Summer Fun for Seniors

The summer is almost here…bringing warm weather, fun holidays, and activities for all! The summer is a good time for seniors to get out and have some fun. We have compiled a list of a few different local activities and summer fun that your loved ones can take advantage of here in the south metro area of the twin cities!

Outings–There are some great opportunities for seniors to make it out on outings or trips this summer in Minnesota! The second Tuesday of every month, the Minnesota Zoo has ‘Senior Day’ at their Imax Theater! The tickets are discounted at $5.00 per senior for a great experience! The dates coming up include: June 10th, July 8th, and August 12th, which Senior Helpers of Burnsville is sponsoring! For more information, visit: https://www.imax.com/oo/great-clips-imax-minnesota-zoo/groups-and-field-trips/seniors/. There are activities and outings available through local senior centers as well. Check out the Burnsville Senior center for fun activities and events going on at: http://www.communityed191.org/page/2555. Seniors can enjoy games, crafts, and other activities hosted by local senior centers.

Staying Active–Why not take advantage of the beautiful summer weather this year with your loved ones? Get out and hit the pavement! Encourage seniors to get walking outside. Make sure proper safety precautions are in place before doing so. There are fitness classes geared toward seniors as well. Check out your local senior center for a list of opportunities and activities! Senior water aerobics is a great low-impact activity that your loved ones can participate in to strengthen their muscles while enjoying the sunshine!

Get Involved–Let’s encourage our seniors to give back this summer! The Minnesota Senior Corps is a volunteer group of seniors 55 years and older looking to make a difference in others’ lives. They offer volunteering opportunities as a “foster grandparent” or a “senior companion”. This volunteer group gives seniors the opportunity to mentor the youth in their community or be there as a companion to support the elderly who desire to live independently. They can share their stories and give advice to younger generations or help the elderly with daily living tasks to support them in-home. For more information, visit: http://www.mnseniorcorps.org/.

The summer is right around the corner, giving many opportunities for our seniors to get out and enjoy themselves! There are many parks and recreational activities they can get involved in locally. Encourage them to get out and take a daily walk to strengthen their muscles and bones as well and get their daily dose of vitamin D! They can even take a few hours here and there to volunteer their time to give back to their community. Whatever they decide to do, they are sure to have a wonderful summer this year!

If you or a loved one are in need of in-home help, give Senior Helpers – Burnsville a call at 952-892-8403. We have trained and experienced caregivers who can be of assistance for you in taking care of your loved ones whether it is just for a few hours here and there or full 24-hour care.

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