Laughter Yoga

You’ve heard of laughter, and you have probably heard of yoga. But have you ever considered putting the two together? Laughter yoga is a revolutionary exercise routine suitable for all ages. Laughter yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing. Laughter yoga classes typically begin with fake laughter, which quickly turns into contagious laughter (we talked about contagious laughter in our last blog). Learn more about this fun and funny new exercise regiment.

  • Start laughing. The body cannot tell the different between fake and real laughter. Therefore the body still received the health benefits of laughing, even when the laughter is fake. So, think of something funny and start laughing!
  • Gather around. Bring your loved ones along for the fun. The fake laughter at the beginning of the class is contagious, and quickly turns into real laughter. You are more likely to let loose and giggle with people you know around you. Gather a group of friends and head to one of the laughter yoga classes located near the Twin Cities. Linden Hills Laughter Club meets in Minneapolis every Monday and is attended by people of all ages. YogaStuido in Plymouth offers off-site Laughter Yoga classes at the Lund’s community room. They are held on the first Tuesday of every month and are free of charge.
  • Seniors and Laughter Yoga. Some seniors find their physical and mental faculties on the decline. For those with compromised cognitive abilities, they may find it difficult to comprehend humor. Laughter yoga is ideal for exercise this skill and experiencing healthy laughing.

Check out our “Laugh Out Loud” Flier for more laughter yoga tips here: Lets_Laugh_Out_Loud_Flier

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